RJ Malbec - RJ Distinto

These are the iconic wines of RJ Viñedos and you will always find the best expression of varietal characteristics and terroir that we can produce.

We search for the best vines within our best vintages to define the elaboration of these wines. RJ Malbec comes from a single vineyard in the Uco Valley that represents our highest Malbec expression. RJ Distinto is a blend that also comes from grapes of the Uco Valley and land plots of indisputable quality. It will always be a different blend with each harvest that will result from the best grapes of the year and the artful, enological implementation of terroir blending. Both are only produced when the harvest is exceptionally outstanding.

The concept behind the “Family Wine Collection” is to produce unique and unrepeatable wines that are meant for prolonged ageing.

The production volumes are very limited with only 4 – 6 thousand bottles of each and each bottle is assigned a serial code of letters and numbers (the production is divided in 4 parts, and each part has the first letter of each of Raul Joffré´s daughters followed by the number of the bottle).

These wines are presented to the consumer in specialized boxes of four bottles, each of which also has a code with the initials of each of Raul´s daughters.

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