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Exclusive Visits / Premium Wines Tasting

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Monday to Saturday
From 9:30 am to 5:00 pm

From 9:30 am to 2:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday with prior reservation

Terrada 2400 - Pedriel - Luján de Cuyo - Mendoza - CP 5509


+54 (9 261) 507 - 5191
+54 (9 261) 618 - 1138

+54 (261) 488 - 0904
+54 (261) 524 - 7870 al 75, int. 107 o 100



Our tour will tell you the details of the winery’s history and a clear description of our wine designs, the artesanal processes, our dedication and the passion we all work with. All this will be finished enjoying a glass of wine.


After the tour we will taste 3 wines from three different lines produced by the winery. Each wine is a different varietal and are all produced with our "high-quality" concept that originates in the vineyards and is carried out through the entire production process, includes artisanal methods throughout the process.


  • Expresiones de Terroir Bonarda Rose
  • Joffré e Hijas Gran Malbec
  • Blend de Selección 2 Cabernet


After the tour you will give up to two temptations. The result of this synergy is absolute pleasure. You will delight with different chocolates paired with different high quality wines.


  • Blend de Selección 2 Malbec
  • Blend de Selección 2 Cabernet
  • Family Wine Collection RJ Malbec


After the tour our visitors will taste Malbec wines, the emblematic varietal of Argentina. They are from different regions of Mendoza, allowing them to observe the differentiating qualities of their terroir and also the designer characteristics of each wine. They will also have the opportunity to taste a Malbec from the latest harvest that is in a cement tank.


  • Pasión 4 Malbec (tank)
  • Blend de Selección 2 Malbec
  • Joffré e Hijas Premium Malbec
  • Family Wine Collection RJ Malbec


Once the guided visit is finished, the visitors will have the opportunity to meet Raul Joffre, the founder of RJ Viñedos, who will lead a special tasting of the winery’s icon wines.


  • Joffré e Hijas Premium Malbec
  • Family Wine Collection RJ Malbec
  • Family Wine Collection RJ Distinto